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Charlie & Karen Sigler

Our honey is made by the Benjamin bees. The Bees fly within a five mile radius from their hives, here at the farm. The main ingredients the bees use to make our unique honey are wildflowers, lots of alfalfa, and whatever else they find in bloom.

Our honey can vary in flavor, usually the lighter the honey, the milder the flavor. Honey will never spoil and should not be refrigerated. Raw Honey may crystallize (also known as creamed honey), this in no way effects the flavor. Gently heating the honey will return it to its liquid state.

2015 Prices

*Sorry, we are sold out for 2015.

1 Qt. Raw Honey $15.00 1 lb. 100% Beeswax $6.00

*We have no 5 gallon buckets honey this year, sorry.


Specialty Items by Request
Custom Gift Baskets( Large and Small) Great for Holidays and special occasions


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